Saturday, 15 January 2011

A note on Anonymous commenting

A Non-Mouse

I am glad to hear from anyone, including Anonymous, providing said Anonymous is not simply abuse or spam. The trouble is Anonymous is in fact Legion and having once or twice deleted spam or abuse originating from one Anonymous the system tends to hold over anything by any other Anonymous, so comments may appear a long time after the original post. I suggest adopting a name, which will still be anonymous to me or to anyone else. Sign as Legion as you want. Or if you are abroad, as Foreign Legion. You could be A Nonne's Tale if literary, or a Anonstarter if suffering from a bad inferiority complex. Try Anne Onn, as in John Donne, Ann Donne, Undonne. Or Anno N. Or A Nonny Mouse. The possibilities are not quite endless.


thegedle said...

He creeps in behind leaving comments like a louse
With a Hey! and a Ho! and a Nonny Nonny...


George S said...

In looking for a picture I found at least two commenters on other sites who had adopted the name of A Nonny Mouse. I felt I couldn't nick their pictures.

Hey Nonny Nonny Mouse is good though.

thegedle said...

Especially if you ever decide to do a topic on madrigals and their influence :)