Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Breaking the Silence: Lines on The Royal Birth

Lines On The Royal Birth 
or My Bid for the Laureateship

The duchess has given birth to a male heir 
Let there be barbecues, son et lumiere
Let bald primadonnas tie ribbons in their hair

Let garden gnomes rejoice in floral borders
Let there be würlitzers and bass recorders 
Let alcoholics put in their last orders

Let bulky policemen wear a skimpy dress
Let rectors rhapsodise and bishops bless
Let there be orgies of public happiness

Let royal correspondents set fire to their pens
Let there be Kate-theme parties in the Fens
Let men use women’s facilities and women men’s

Let windows flap, let buttons be undone 
Let obsessive punsters make the perfect pun 
Let the Windsor sun shine on the Windsor son

Behold the Commonweal’s new wealth of nations
Proclaim an end to our trials and tribulations
The male heir’s here. Begin the celebrations


Anonymous said...

I like your obsessive punting ...

George S said...

Thank you.

Gwil W said...

Has she not wrote one yet? If not she'd better get on with it. The nation is waiting. Or maybe she did and it awaits the royal nod. Meanwhile we have yours George.

George S said...

Haven't seen CAD's yet. I expect it will arrive, probably in less than 9 months.

Gwil W said...

Following your silence breaking and pioneering Quixotian ode my small prediction is now up. Perhaps CAD's contribution has to promulgated via a TV chatshow or souvenir mug?