Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sunday night is... Márta Sebestyén

Szerelem, szerelem (Love, love)


Three reasons to love Hungary: the language, the poetry - and the music. And this voice.


Gwil W said...

There are many other reasons to love Hungary: the wine, the goulash, the scenery, the zigeuner music. Get yourself to the Austrian-Hungarian border, to the old Iron Curtain, wander through the Neusiedlersee area dear readers. Cycle around the lake, visit the border villages of Rust, Mörbisch, Fertörakös, and Ilmitz. Go bird spotting, look out for the storks, the herons and the great bustard. Criss-cross Lake Neusiedel with regular pedestrian and cycle ferries. Go swimming in the lake 26°C in the summer or ice-skating in winter. Or watch the Mörbisch operetta at the lakeside. Visit the royal palaces and parks at Eisenstadt and Ezterhaza. Yes, I may be a Welshman, but I'm also something of a Hungarian at heart.

George S said...

Gwilym, present yourself to the Hungarian Tourist Board immediately!

Done most of that. Not seen the great bustard.

Gwil W said...

That's not all. It's well known that Hungary has some of the world's best dentists. As a matter of fact there's a free bus goes over there every day from Vienna for just that reason. Now show them your teeth, George :)

George S said...

There is a good Hungarian dentist at our local NHS surgery.

My own teeth are no example. Stalinist teeth: Postwar Hungarian vintage.

Gwil W said...

Steel teeth could be useful.

I've recently closed down 'Bard on the Run'. Maybe you could pull it from your links list.

Today I've opened up 'poetry rat' which is a blog of easy poems written for children. Only one poem there so far. It'll give you the flavour. You could contribute if you like.