Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I Have Seen The Future

Artwork by Helen Ivory

1. I have added poet / artist Helen Ivory's new website to my links on the right. Do visit.

2. I have handed in and had approved the Introduction to Michael Murphy's posthumous Collected Poems. That will be a marvellous book.

3. This morning I conducted a two-hour Skype tutorial conversation with my Escalator Scheme mentee. After the initial awkwardness, it felt fine, I was simply aware that I was gesturing and pulling faces as I would in a visual conversation. Conversations, even on the phone, even possibly with oneself, are physical engagements in some café of the imagination.

4. I went in to university this afternoon on one of my off-days because daughter H (editor / writer) was on a panel of speakers advising students about publishing. She spoke very well, says proud father, and it was a good informatory session. An incidental note: all four speakers were female, and of some one hundred students, about 96% were female. That's if I count myself among the male audience. I have seen the future and it wears make-up.

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