Saturday, 19 February 2011

Reel ed altre poesie

From the comments to the post beneath:

Are you being generous towards others in what you write and the information you provide, what is the balance towards self-promotion and the genuine act of giving?

So here is an advertisement. In FB conversation with the poet Peter Robinson, he tells me he has seen a copy of my Italian-language selected poems, Reel ed altre poesie in Parma. I reply to tell him it is more than I have seen, but that is only because my charming translator, Gabriele Natali, himself a poet, has my copies over in Cambridge where he teaches at the university. So that's to pick up. I did not choose that the mugshot should go on the front, but I am not about to complain. It is wonderful to be there at all.

At the moment there is a Hungarian Selected Poems, a Romanian Selected Poems, and now there is the Italian, published by Polistampa. A German is slowly under way. Salute.


Anonymous said...

Not a huge effort to self promotion is it? I mean you would have to be a really big fan to buy a copy in Italian.
Mmm (from posts beneath) George and rage -not really an emotion I would associate with you... your more like 'excuse me, your standing on my foot.... Oh and by the way, you have just illegally occupied that country. I will be writing a strongly worded letter to the Guardian.' Which is a good thing, direct action never goes the way people intend.
Maybe what that nice lady mistook for rage, was just the steely glint of ambition in your possibly fiery eyes.

George S said...

It is all possible, Anon. No, it's not a huge effort ar advertising. It's a moment of pleasure actually seeing the image of the book. I'm still puzzling about the rage - what occasion, what prolonged exposure, led to the diagnosis? Maybe I will never know.

Sabine said...

I will look out for your Italian poems here, hoping it is an English-Italian edition. I am always thrilled to read the original poem together with the translation!

fashion merchandising said...

i had my boyfriend read me some of the poems. i don't understand it but his voice makes it sound good. thanks for writing the poems

George S said...

The book is bilingual, Sabine. The proofs were, at any rate.

Keep going, fashion merchandising. Try wearing a different hat.