Friday, 24 June 2011

In Budapest. Three days silence.

Eating supper in Budapest after long journey and long interview, not having eaten all day, when I receive a message from C asking me to ring back. I do. She has terrible shock news of the death of a very good younger friend, ex-student. I feel mystified and devastated. Work must go on since I am not alone here but accompanied by my producer, Elizabeth, and the sound recordist, Martin. This is on BBC time.

Nevertheless, I am going to keep three days blog silence in mourning.

Next time I'll post will be on 27th June.


Dafydd John said...

My sincere condolences.

As you are in Budapest you might be interested to hear of this:


Elaine said...

I too heard the news about our ex-student but only yesterday. I was casually flicking through the EDP only to come across the half page tribute. Such a shock to hear about his death and the strange circumstances surrounding it.