Friday, 10 June 2011


The terrace of the Writers Villa with a beer. The Black Sea directly in front of me. This is my fourth time at Days and Nights of Literature. The Black Sea Sonnets in Reel were begun here and are at home here. Tonight was the first of the big compendium readings where a lot of poets read for five minutes each, translations of their work projected on a screen. I was the very first, which was a little daunting but best get it over and listen. A strong representation of Israeli poets and a good number writing in French, translated into French, or simply French.Romanian-French relations have been warm historically.

Some old friends appearing here. Poets now in the USA or France. New people to meet. It is very social. Kindly and bright.

The time here is 8:20 in the evening. The sky with a gorgeous cerulean blue streak over an aquamarine sea, just fading. A light wind in the trees.

There is a necessary disengagement in the condition pre-poetry. A focused hovering. Yeat's long-legged fly. A music of foreign voices, as of life elsewhere.

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