Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Blog update whilst in China

Just to inform you that whilst George is in China he can't update his Blogger account due to internet restrictions. However a cunning workaround is in place, so you can continue to follow him in the notes section of the main website (

Normal service will resume here in around 2 weeks time.



panther said...

Excellent !

Gwil W said...

Be interested in air quality issues. Here in Vienna we have exceed our muck in the air allowance 60 times so far this year. Sometimes it gets 3 times over the limit.

Gwil W said...

Just been reading in the local newspaper for the homeless about the plastic bottle recycling effort in Peking. The recyclers go around on 3-wheel bicycles collecting the empties and they take them to a couple of places just outside the city where they are shredded. They get paid the handsome amount of 1 euro equivalent per 1,000 bottles. During the Olympics they were banned from the city. I think my new sweatshirt is made from some of this plastic.

James Hamilton said...

Belated happy Birthday - glad you got to spend it in the best preWar Auden fashion, and like GW, eager to hear your write-up.