Thursday, 13 June 2013

Holding Note on Snowden / Light on the Wall

I have been having a discussion on FB (in the Notes section) with Mark Husmann on the Snowden case about which more than one person has written to me asking me to sign protests. I haven't yet signed the protests because the US hasn't as yet said what it intends to do.

Mark Husmann is a good man, and so in general are the others who want me to sign. I might well do so, but I don't want to be rushed. I would prefer to think why I should sign and what exactly I do sign. I always prefer to think. I have asked Mark if he would mind me blogging our discussion. If he agrees I will do so.


In the meantime some news on our neighbour. She is still in hospital and, after a very bad yesterday, things apparently look a little better today. But she is in the acute stroke ward - so it was in fact a stroke, as we suspected.


We are watching Springwatch, our one TV indulgence and as we watch the sun comes out. I look out of the window and see the play of light on the wall as wind blows the leaves. It is beautiful so I film 13 seconds of it. Here it is.


havantaclu said...

Thanks for the news about your neighbour, George. A stroke at her age may mean that she'll never see her home again - when my mother had a stroke at age 88 we were told we wouldn't be able to care for her at home; but then she had a second stroke and died.

And 'Springwatch' has been great, especially during the last few years from Ynys Hir - the Dyfi estuary - indeed, all that coast of west Wales - is in my eyes some of the most wonderful countryside in Britain - and the rocks beneath are some of the oldest, so it's interesting for geologists as well.

Best wishes to you and Clarissa, and I hope I'm wrong about your neighbour!

George S said...

I am careful about saying too much about her condition for reasons of her own privacy, Jeni, and because both her children are here now. I wrote initially because of my concern for the time it took to attend to her.

But yes, the first prognosis was that she would not be returning home. I don't know whether yesterday's slightly better news means any change. I hope so. If you are interested in more use my email address for now.

havantaclu said...

Thanks, George - and yes, I do appreciate her right (and her family's right, to privacy.