Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Higher and Higher

Now what's the first thought you have on hearing Jackie Wilson's classic soul track?

Gordon Brown of course.

I am lost for words. Bring on Sarah. Bring on Jackie Wilson. Don't do it, Gordon. Don't do it.

Please. Just. Don't. Do. It.

(More lost words here.)

And, sadly, the video is not altogether unfitting. Things fly out through the window and you're left clinging on.

Pathetic and contemptible. The man is dead in the water.


Gwil W said...

George, You should know that you are currently 10/1 odds along with C A Duffy (P-i-R's Syd the Satchel) to be the next Queen's Canary. Gordon Brown may yet choose you...
George? George? Don't do it George. George. Stay. We need you. Out here. In the real world. Don't. Do. It. ... even for 50 bottles of household plonk ... ok then, do it, but be careful down there...

George S said...

Not worth the bet. Having a Hungarian as poet laureate would be like having an Italian in charge of the English football team. It could never happen.

My money, did it exist, would be on Simon Armitage for the next two hundred years. He's only young, after all.