Friday, 4 February 2011

Leeds and Lily Mosini

Tomorrow the Leeds reading for the Iranian poet Lily Mosini who is threatened with deportation where her life would be in danger. It's a free gig as far as Clare Pollard, David Tait, myself and the organiser, Clare Shaw are concerned. The tickets are all sold at The Leeds Carriageworks. The event is under the umbrella of Voice Recognition. This is what the poster says:

Besides being a evening of heartstopping poetry, the reading aims to raise awareness of Lily Mosini and her partner Elia; both have experienced brutal persecution in Iran because of their work; both currently face deportation back to Iran. An unmissable opportunity to listen to this powerful writer and activist; and to become involved in the movement to support her.

Clare Shaw I should say is a very fine poet herself, her work absolutely full of life. It is marvellous that she should have organised this. I am very much looking forward to it and to hearing Lily herself, in Clare's translation.


A day of very high wind and dark grey skies. I have been marking at my desk, just running up to Norwich to pick up tomorrow's rail ticket from the machine. In between, a glance at Norm's blog on Marxism, liberal democracy and human rights, as well as a running debate on Facebook with Jon Stone. I defend Don Paterson and others. As if they needed me. I have never been of any great interest to those I defend. Still, the mind must keep busy. Schubert's great Quintet as I write this. And the gust bellowing.


Gwil W said...

I'm reminded that Christy Brown wrote a poem about his visit to Leeds. The only bit I can remember just at the moment is how he describes it eloquently as being "somewhere between standing up and falling down". Mind you, that was a few years ago. It should be on its feet by now!
Good luck. Your yesterday's photo inspired a short meditation called Taxi.

George S said...

Don't know the Christy Brown, Gwilym, though I remember something that goes, Can't stand up for falling down. - Elvis Costello? [Checks: Yes, Costello]. . I saw the Taxi poem. Good stuff.

Leeds is old haunts to me. I was at the art college there 69-72, and enjoyed it.

Did you get a message from a dear Hungarian friend at Corvina Press who would like to use your comment on the pleasures of Hungary for a book?

Gwil W said...

Christy Brown was the Irish poet in the film (and book) 'My Left Foot' so titled because he wrote his poems with his left foot.

I can't remember receiving a message from Corvina Press, I apologize if I've overlooked it, but of course they are more than welcome to use my comment if they still want to. You tell your friend, George.

Thanks for looking at Taxi! "Good stuff" is "good stuff" coming from GS.

Gwil W said...

I think I read the Leeds poem in Snails & Skylarks but I wouldn't swear to it.