Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Coming up in the near and mid-future

Just a filler with some dates:

6 March - Bath Literary Festival
7 March Poetry School, London
10 March - Reading at Michaelhouse, Cambridge
16 - 20 March - Newcastle, Three lectures and reading
28 / 29 March - BASEES Conference, Cambridge, Keynote speech
9 April - Hungarian Cultural Centre, Esther's Inheritance, talk and film
21 April - University of Hull reading and talk
27 / 28 April, Kellogg College, Oxford, workshop and reading
29 April - Reading in London, Athaeneum Club
30 April - Reading London at Keats's House

More on May later. Invitations to Basle, Rotterdam, Macedonia and Berlin later in the year and an Arvon Course.


Today, nose to three and a half grindstones. Result? Little nose left.


Anonymous said...

"A hobo is a man who will work when he can get it, at a decent
wage, but insists upon the right to beat his way from town to town
to better his condition. . .
men of character, not yeggs, crooksor bums."

Jeff Davis, King of the Hobos, 1913.

Rob said...

You're not exactly an advert for the slacker generation, George.

George S said...

There is a theme song for this somewhere, James.

Hallelujah, I'm a bum comes to mind. Also an old Layton and Johnstone song that goes something like:

When cares pursue me
I'm never gloomy
I keep on singing this song
Let it rain or shine
The world is mine
As I'm ro- ro- rolling along...

Give me the moon for a blanket
Give me the stars overhead
I'll make the mountain my doorstep
I'll make the desert my bed..

If Hull has a mountain it can serve as my doorstep. Lyrics from memory.

I picked up an old L & J 78 back in about 1970. One website says of Layton and Johnstone:

'A piano/vocals duet with heavy classical influence, Layton & Johnstone were staid but solid interpreters of American popular song during the '20s and early '30s. ...'

'Staid but solid...' I love them already.

The Plump said...

Hull would make a great doorstep. It makes East Anglia look like the Himalayas.

Rachel Phillips said...

I have one invitation to Felixstowe for 2010 but nothing for 2009, so far. I suppose that's how it goes. One friend emailed me and said where is Felixstowe. I suppose that's how it goes too.

George S said...

Felixstowe. Does it still do passenger ferries? Was it Felixstowe-Le Havre? Or was it to Zeebrugge? I am sure I have taken ferries to Zeebrugge from Felixstowe.

Make Felwixstowe a half-way stop to Holland?