Thursday, 5 March 2009

Democratiya 14

The new issue is out here - a particularly fascinating one concerned chiefly with the viability of a two-state solution in the Middle East. It is essential reading for anyone who regards this as a simple issue. The arguments are well put, succeed to a great degree in addressing each other and the whole has the smell of civilised people talking. Here are the contents.

Editor's Page

Letters to the Editor

Michael Walzer
Symposium: For the Two-State Solution

John Strawson
Symposium: Time to Compel the Parties?

Ghada Karmi
Symposium: For the One-State Solution

Donna Robinson Divine
Symposium: Beyond the Clash of Narratives

Martin Shaw
Symposium: Revisit '48 as well as '67

Alex Stein
Symposium: We Need More Imagination

Menachem Kellner
Symposium: Two States – Ultimately

Fred Siegel & Sol Stern
Symposium: There are no ‘solutions’ for now

Hazel Blears
Preventing Violent Extremism

Gina Khan
Reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Birmingham

Rashad Ali
Islam, Sharia, and the Far-Right

Samuel Helfont
The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State

Simon Cottee
A Murder in Amsterdam

Will Marshall
Obama’s Central Drama

Joschka Fischer
Europe and America After Bush

Tim Stevens
Counterterrorism and Liberal Democracy

Michael Walzer
On Democracy Promotion

Michael J. Thompson
Theorising Social Democracy

Ethan Porter
Panic: Modern Financial Insanity

Paul Thompson
On Nick Cohen on the Left

Matthew Omolesky
Milton and the Mark Steyn Affair

Gary Kent
Sinn Fein's Gunsmoke and Mirrors

Michael Ezra
Malcolm Caldwell: Pol Pot’s Apologist

Eric B. Litwack
Historical Responsibility for Africa

Dick Wilson
On Yegor Gaidar

Lawrence J. Haas
Letter from Washington / Obama's Four Tests

Eric Lee
Global Labour Notes / Jews, Gaza and the Unions

Chandrahas Choudhury
Arts / On Gandhi’s Autobiography

Kevin Higgins
Arts / A New Poem: Comrades

Tom Hale
Arts / In Praise of First of the Year

Susan Green
Archive: Debating World War Three

Interview with Reza Aslan / How to Win a Cosmic War

I am rushing about so much I have only had time to scan some half a dozen articles, but they were all worthwhile.


The artist's book edition of The Burning of the Books arrived yesterday. It looks quite stunning. A normal book version should be out by the end of March.

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