Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Night is.. Alan Price and off to Newcastle

Slightly out of sync and not great film but a grand song. I am off to Newcastle tomorrow morning to give the Bloodaxe Lectures all next week not to forget the reading on Thursday. I expect I'll post from there with a bit of luck. Some luck is needed, indeed for everything including the lectures. So, on the train with you, O Lucky Man.

Meanwhile in Hungary the 15 March means marches and speeches. Not night yet and all quiet, very quiet, for the official commemorations of 1848, police cordons, rain. Some stone and bottle throwing at the Nyugati (Western Rain Terminal). A suspicious package in a Pest street. Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold. Not for much longer. Or only with difficulty. Possibly rougher tonight. And to cheer everyone up the uniformed fascist Hungarian Guard (Magyar Gárda) enrols six-hundred and fifty new members in Heroes Square.

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