Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday Night is.. Boogie Woogie Dream and Lena Horne

With Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson. The girl leaning on the piano, listening, is Lena Horne to whom I have been listening on the train, London to Bath and Bath to London. But boogie first, from the best.

And here she gets to sing with Teddy Wilson's band and two more pianos. She is just gorgeous. And that voice! Edge of blues, shifting into ballad but with humour and sheer high spirits. Nice little film too with period advertisements. I wanted a good film of her singing 'Where or When', but the one I found was not quite as good as the one I was listening to on the train with the tears just preparing themselves to creep into the corners of the eyes. Nothing sentimental you understand. Simply delight. Good to be alive.


The Plump said...

Two fat men on keyboards. My cup runneth over.

George S said...

Yes, but I'd want Albert Ammons's teeth too. (I am not far off having them in fact). If that is Ammons and not Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, George...just fabulous. Both clips. Watching the two black guys playing the piano made me envious. Never in a million years could I play like them, but there's no harm in fantasizing. And I agree with you. I would love to do a two-step with Lena under the elderberry tree :)