Friday, 30 October 2009

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Launch of UEA anthologies last week. A selection at UEA, the other selection in London. Andrew Cowan introduces at UEA...

In between, readings by Gavin McCrea, Seonaid MacKay, Marisa Silva-Dunbar, Philip Langeskov, Priscilla Morris, Jenny Pagdin, Claire Girffiths, Ruth Selwyn Crome in two parts.

..... I end

The ubiquity of YouTube. I hope you enjoy the readings. Me? Stuffed up with cold for now.

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Gwil W said...

Dear George, I've just looked at your latest U-tube thingie. My word, you have such an amazing delivery. Not since the days of Brucie Bonus Forsythe (sp?) have I seen anything remotely like it. Judging by the laughter you had them eating out of your hand. And the plush Maifiosi suit. Worra hammer. Rented, borrerd from Berlusconi or what? GET WELL SOON YOU SNUFFLER!