Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday night is... Film Noir

Very nice list of the films from which scenes were taken here. Myself? Back from day at the Hungarian School in Highgate where C and I learn the basic steps of the csárdás, eat gulyás and almás pite, listen to AL on Hungarian poetry and her own, and I do an impromptu talk on translation before returning to visit my father, thence home.

On the subject of film noir there will be something to think about at another time.


Angela France said...

Have you seen Patience Agbabi's film noir corona 'Vicious Circle'? (from 'Bloodshot Monochrome') I heard her read it at Cheltenham last year and was very taken with it

George S said...

I do believe it is what Patience showed me some time ago when she got in touch. Partly because I had written three coronas in Portrait of My Father in an English Landscape.

Her corona was very good. Patience is generally very good.

Angela France said...

agreed, she is very good - I liked the way she was able to suggest the mood of film noir through her syntax.
And coronas are not easy - or should I say I don't find them easy; inspired by Patience's, I wrote one as part of my MA dissertation and found I had to consciously adjust my process. What works for short lyrics wouldn't work for this.