Thursday, 22 October 2009

Midnight in Wymondham

Back from LSE where I give a reading, followed by three plays, one by Beckett, one by Havel and one by Stoppard (or rather excerpts from it). Whisked off to dinner before Stoppard, which is just as well as I only just make my train back anyway. Going on the plays (Beckett's Catastrophe and Havel's Largo...) the full time score is Beckettt 5, Havel 0.

My reading a mix of talk about 1989 and some appropriate poems. Tomorrow will be quite different.

I'll write more in the morning.


Gwil W said...

George, I'm always inspired to be creative when I come here. You have that effect on people.

midnight's mouse
abroad in wymondham ~;>
& all the owls asleep

George S said...

That's very nice, Gwilym. Thank you. There are in fact owls down the road in the vast garden of our botanist friend. Midnight's Mice is, surely, the forgotten first novella of Salman Rushdie.