Thursday, 14 January 2010

Márai finished & Two Birthdays

At long last!!!

More on that later. More on many other things but, as celebration, two small birthday verses, one for son (New Year's Eve), one for daughter (yesterday). Son Tom (aka Shurikan), gallivanting and gigging in Brazil. Daughter Helen, with child. Lightly, lovingly trots it.

The Ballad of Shurikan

for Tom

Out in Brazil on hot beaches
There labours a travelling man,
The music he preaches and teaches
Is moody and cool as Japan.
The name of the man - Shurikan.

In clubs in big cities, in danceland,
To those of a similar clan,
He’s bigger than rock or a danceband,
It’s the soulful intelligent fan
Who will pay to come hear - Shurikan.

He will travel the world in a plane,
In a limo, a train, or a van,
If you pay him he’ll come back again,
Since that is all part of the plan.
If it’s music, the name’s - Shurikan.

And can he keep up with demand,
And be bigger than when he began?
He’s free so he’s not to command,
But the answer is clear: sure, he can.
He is, after all - SHURIKAN.

Now January
for Helen

Now the winter freezes up,
Now there’s snow under blue sky,
Now it’s minus, day and night,
Now the sparse flakes drift and fly,

Now the wind cuts icy trails
Through open spaces, down wide streets,
Now the ponds grow grey as steel,
Now the old year stops, retreats,

Now the belly fills with child,
Now the months troop by in frost,
Now that scarves and hats are worn,
And heels are scraped and gloves are lost…

So many nows all making then,
So many nights in the long dark,
So many lightbulbs turning on,
So many sparkplugs with no spark,

So much waiting and recall,
So much tomorrow on the line,
So much that passes, flashing, light,
So much to number and define.

Much undefined, much still uncounted,
Light grows faint against the cold,
With spring still distant but in view
Of face to kiss and hand to hold.

From child to childhood, back to child,
From song to words, from words to song,
From here to there in one slow leap -
And there you stand, grown big, grown strong.

Now there you are, and here the words
Set out in January ice.
Now there are almost two of you
What love can bring, may love bring twice.

Now to a restaurant! Wine, waiter!


Poet in Residence said...

Congratulations, George! There's a job for you at the Forth Bridge.
Seriously though, well done!
I doff my painter's cap,

Diane said...

Cannot resist adding congratulations for book, for the children, for the birthdays, for the baby and for C. And much, much good luck for Sunday and Monday. Fingers crossed.

James said...

Waiter, send a bottle of your finest champagne over to that panda-eyed fella with the manuscript..

George S said...

All but elephant eyed, James.... Do elephants get face lifts?