Friday, 11 June 2010

Books, etc.

A busy week coming up. Tomorrow to Cambridge to run a workshop for the Poetry School at Michaelhouse, then to meet my friend, Italian poet and translator, Gabriele, who has translated a whole book of my poems into Italian and we are now discussing details of publication.

Overnight in Hitchin for C's mother's 90th birthday. Monday in University, Tuesday, an Ambit reading at the Betsey Trotwood in the evening. Wednesday I teach. Thursday I deliver a talk at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts about two refugee Hungarian writers, Sándor Márai and Gyözö Határ for Refugee Week, On Saturday I am at the LRB Bookshop to discuss the following books with Michael Hofmann, Stephen Vizinczey and Thomas Zmeskal:

Gyula Krúdy: Life is a Dream
György Faludy: My Happy Days in Hell
Thomas Bernhard: Old Masters
Josef Skvorecky: The Cowards

The New Writings World days begin on Sunday, when we are expecting dear friend Sharmistha from India, and on Tuesday 22nd I introduce Shanta Acharya and chair discussion for her book launch at the Nehru Centre.

Meanwhile reading and writing and university work.

Sometimes life doesn't seem quite possible.


dana said...

George S said...

Ah yes, bourgeois heroism. It takes its toll. Do they give medals for it?

dana said...

they should!

boros1124 said...

If I remember correctly, you can find classics in different languages, but rather in Hungarian. Perhaps a good idea, will give a translation.

Ha jól emlékszem, akkor itt találhattok klasszikusokat különböző nyelven, de inkább magyarul. Hátha jó ötletet fog adni a fordításokhoz.