Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday Night is... English lesson

There can be no more doubt -
England's down and out
Though it seems a little hard
To go out by a yard
So from a 2-2 score
To lose by 1 to 4
And with such little verve
To get what you deserve.

Really. What were we sinking about?


Gwil W said...

George, I have to ask what was the alternative? To reach the other 1/8 final and then in place of the USA and to get KO'd by Ghana. No, England were in one respect quite lucky. A defeat by Germany they can live with. To be sent packing by Ghana would, for English pride, have been the nightmare scenario.

ps- In the usual absence of Wales, I'm supporting Holland. You George will be supporting Slovakia since it was once part of Hungary. Yes, 16:00 CET today it's really the Big Match
Williams v. Szirtes.
(a friendly of course)

George S said...

Slovakia and Hungary are not on the best of terms at the moment, Gwilym, but I think I have limited choice. I am going to go for Ghana from now on. I'd love to see an African team do outstandingly well - and there is some real ability there.

Go Ghana!