Monday, 29 November 2010

Wrestlers' Names

I have always loved the names of wrestlers, so here are a few:

Sheik Abdullah Abbas; Ace Abbott; Kenny Ackles; Adrian Adonis; Keith Franke; Dick "the Bruiser" Afflis; William Afflis ; Francisco "El Charro" Aguayo; Francisco Aguayo-Escobosa ; Kara Ahmed; August Ahrens; Babu Ali ; Ali Aliba; Jack Allen; Tiny Anderson; Andre the Giant; Red Andrews; Lady Angel; Vittorio "Argentina" Apollo; Mitsu Arakawa; "Baron" George Arena; Bert Assirati; "Killer" Buddy Austin; Ali Baba; Giant Baba; Adrien Baillargeon; Lionel Baillargeon; Paul Baillargeon; Tony Baillargeon; "Dirty" Dick Barkley; The Beast; Bialo the Giant; Big Daddy; Chief Big Heart; Black Venus; "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell; Cecilia Blevins; Lofty Blomfield; Elmer "Pet" Brown; Frank Brown; Jack Brown; Tiger" Jack Brown; "Harlem" Jimmy Brown; Bad Leroy Brown; Luke Brown; Lyman Brown; Natie Brown; Orville Brown; Sweet Georgia Brown; Lord Leslie Carlton; Primo Carnera; Steve "Crusher" Casey; "Leaping" Larry Chene; Liz Chase; Bobby Chick; Mr. Chin; Sir Dudley Clement; C.B. Cochran ; Little Coco; Ripper Collins; Eddie "The Brain" Creatchman; Fuzzy Cupid; "King Kong" Emile Czaya; "Carnation" Lou Daro; El Gran Davis; Man Mountain Dean; Dingo the Sundowner; Eric the Red / Eric the Animal; Bruno Erlington; Espectro; Chief Kit Fox; French Angel ; George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski ; Pinkie George; Giant Haystacks; Gordy Gordienko; Gorgeous George; Soldat Gorky; Frank Gotch; Jan Gotch; Tarzan Govender; Eddie Graham; Dr. Jerry Graham; Grand Wizard / Abdullah Farouk ; Leaping Larry Hatfield; Betty Jo Hawkins; Luis Hernandez / The Medic; Happy Humphrey; Kazuro Huriguchi; Irish Jackie; Scott Irwin / Super Destroyer; Ivan the Terrible; Jaan Jaago; Brother Jonathan; Farmer Jones; Junkyard Dog; Johhny Kace; Duke Keomuka; Don Koloff; Nick Kolonis; Bomber Kulkivitch; "Jumping" Jack Kusas; Ed "Strangler" Lewis; Evan "Strangler" Lewis; Luther Lindsay; Eugene "Big Daddy" Lipscombe; Kid Lipton; Danny Little Bear; Steven Little Bear; Little Beaver; Chief Little Eagle ; Chief Little Wolf; Sky Low Low; Clarence "Cowboy" Luttrall; Prof. Boris Malenko; Plum Mariko; Mike Marino; Tiger Joe Marsh; Magnificent Maurice; Bert Maxwell; Moondog Lonnie Mayne; Mike Mazurki; Jack "Sockeye" McDonald; El Medico; Flash Monroe / Gene Dundee; Gorilla Monsoon; Bull Montana; Hombre Montana; Lenny "Bull" Montana; Vince Montana / The Spoiler; Muhammad the Butcher ; Mary Jane Mull; The Mummy; Skull Murphy; Nouroulah the Terrible Turk ; Buddy O'Brien; Neal "Swede" Olson; Oro; Jess Ortega / Mighty Ursus; Zoltan Papp; Sailor Allen Parker; Ali Pasha; Ivan Rasputin; Billy Rayburn; Billy Red Cloud; Chuck "Popeye" Richards; "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers; "Yankee" Joe Rogers; Strong Rogers; Billy Rolling Thunder; Dr. Benjamin F. Roller; Mike Romano; Billy Romanoff ; Black Jack Ross; Don Ross / Ripper Savage; Mile High Ross; Morris Sigel; Ruffy Silverstein; Big E. Sleeze; Shirley Strimple; Tibor Szakács; József Szerb; Shag Thomas; Jim Thorpe; Major Tom Thumb; Chief Thunderbird; Chief Thundermountain; Count Joseph Varga; Count Antonio Verdi; The Viking; Pancho Villa; Villano II; The Wildman; Bearcat Wilkerson; Bearcat Wright; Yousouff the Terrible Turk; Yukon Eric; Babe Zaharias; Stanislaus Zbyszko; Wladek Zbyszko; Vanka Zelezniak; Ben Zersn


That is several novels and an epic poem.

Watching Hitchens interviewed by Paxman tonight. A sort of Sartrean hero. I admire him greatly. The interview was not half long enough. It's not a good sign being interviewed now. The trick is to read him.


It is my sixty-second year to heaven. It's a cold dark night. C down with cold. Daughter H down with cold. Baby Marlie with temperature and it is due to get colder tomorrow. Today was relatively easy. Love, we were young once and ran races...

Self with cousin Judit. Not yet up to running races. (photo: thanks to cousin Daniel Gorloveztky, son of Judit, in Argentina)


Anonymous said...

What is it she's got you in there? A crosshold, or a bodyslam?

George S said...

I think it's a fall. Both shoulders are flat against the mat. Though I seem to be reaching out in hope towards an unseen tag partner. If no help arrives it will be fall AND submission.