Monday, 4 July 2011

From Lumb Bank and Hebden Bridge

It's about four and a half hours from W to Hebden Bridge and I spend half the time planning and the other half listening to Parno Graszt. There's a rather dangerous lyric that translates roughly as 'I am that old geezer's son / There's the long handled knife / And I'll cut you lot up and slice you into pieces'. Fortunately this did not transpire at Paszab, I am translating 'muki' as 'geezer'. Seems about right.

The third half was dozing.

Arrived about 2:30, settled into room, put stuff into wardrobe etc, then fellow tutor Jane Draycott arrives closely followed by the students. We go roud introducing ourselves several times over until we remember some names, then the managers hold their talk and I am whisked away to Hebden Bridge by Tony of publishers, Arc (Tony only vaguely related to Joan of Arc). By this time I am about two-thirds awake, but once there I am alert. Andras and Anna already there along with other poets (Hebden Bridge is inhabited solely by poets) and it's very nice and then we do the reading, Anna and Andras excellent with me chipping in with 5 minutes' worth. John Siddique buys me a Jamesons which is always a welcome offer. Back at Lumb they have saved me a meal that I heat in the microwave, then Jane and I talk in the tutors' house and now it's just gone 11pm.

It has been a hot day but the future is all rain and thunder. Thunder is fine by me but constant rain is - well - a bit of a dampener. But alle is gut. Tout va bien. Eddig minden rendben van. So far so good.


Gwilym Williams said...

Otto v. Habsburg, to my surprise, is to be entombed in Vienna with the rest of the clan. Blood is thicker than water even when the water has run under many bridges...and you can bet all the creeps who ousted him from Austria will be there in their finest black.

They say his heart will be sent to an abbey in Hungary. That's the important bit. The heart. The heart is the man.

I read that an aide once asked O v. H if he'd watched the Austria - Hungary football match on TV. Otto replied: No. Who were they playing?

Jamesons??? You're not in Ireland are you?

George S said...

Otto v Habsburg spoke Hungarian with a strong accent. He probably felt it might be useful, just in case. Nice about the football match. Two poor teams currently. Maybe they ought to get together again. Habsburg FC.

Ireland is wherever Jamesons is. It is currently in Yorkshire.