Friday, 29 July 2011

Petition to save The Poetry Society 2

Torquato Tasso is unable to sign because of other commitments but sends his firm support.

At the time of writing this there are 607 signatures. Thank you to everyone who has signed. We are getting there pretty fast and must get this done before Judith Palmer's time runs out. Please do sign.

New messages and background news from previous chair, Anne-Marie Fyfe and the heroic organiser of the requisition, Kate Clanchy.


Eva Salzman said...

I was so worried things might get bogged down and nothing done until too late and so this was quick off the mark, welcome indeed, hurrah.

Kathleen Jones said...

Many thanks George for your fair and lucid exposition of the situation. How on earth did it get to this? Even after your (and everyone else's) explanation I can scarcely believe it. That a group of so-called 'trustees' could act to unlawfully and so against the interests of the very organisation they held in trust is not just scandalous but (in my opinion) actionable. Except that action only benefits the lawyers. Hopefully, come September, we have the chance for a new start.