Saturday, 25 February 2012

Victor Orbán's Dialogue with the EU, as secretly recorded.

It sometimes seems to me that Victor Orbán's rhetoric in Hungary really sounds like this.

OV: Those bastards at the EU want to colonise us and treat us as slaves. Are we slaves? No! Are we Slavs? No! [Laughter]. They're worse than the Russkies, those EU bastards. Sure, they have some stupid rules and what they laughingly call values, which I wouldn't call Christian values, not like our values, my fellow citizens, and, sure, we signed up to them, but they're not worth anything, you guys know that. We're proud Hungarians, we make our own way in the world. And you all know who's behind international money at the EU? Say no more. I won't. I leave that kind of talk to Jobbik. And now these bastards want us to change our heaven-sent constitution, the new constitution that frees us - at last, thank God! - from both communism and colonialism and, what is more, ensures the rule of the just for a decent period of time. Honestly! Who could quibble with that? Only those liberal-commies with their foreign capitalist / communist value system. And it is those bastards - we know who they are - who are in league with the EU to badmouth us. But we're doing just fine by ourselves, thank you. We don't need those EU bastards breathing down our necks. So I say to the bastards at the EU, and I'll say it to their miserable faces:

Give us the money you bastards! Give us your bastard money!!


So you won't give us your bastard money, eh? Ok, you bastards, I'll pretend to do a few things here just to please your bastard selves. (OK you guys back home, it's just talk).


There, see, we've done what you bastards wanted.


So now you're quibbling about details. Bastards! Give us that money! What can't you bastards give us the bastard money?!


All the more reason for sticking together, you guys. We'll get the bastards once we've got Transylvania and Slovakia and the rest of the old map together. We'll be the biggest fucking bastards in Europe. You know what you're voting for, fellow citizens! So vote!

It has oratory, it has passion, it has patriotism, it has God, what else do you want?


Gwil W said...

I have noticed that the number of ski-tourits to Austria from Hungary, if car number plates are any guide, is sharply down this year. Vehicles from Poland and Slovakia appear to be in the ascendancy.

Greg said...

What else do I want? - well integrity would be nice!

Though I have to admit it does have its own brand of honesty, perhaps saying what other politicians think but never fully articulate even to themselves.

Gwil W said...

"integrity" - now there's word that'll soon be obsolete.

Here they are trying to push through a law that will strengthen their immunity and that of their paymasters from prosecution in cases of corruption, fraud, deception, back handers, etc., it's all part of the government's investigation into its long list of outstanding dodgy matters that have been pushed under the thick piled carpet for so many years that the carpet now looks very lumpy ... but curiously although parliamentary debates are allowed to be televised these kind of investigations are NOT. The first week passed with two or three key witnesses not bothering to turn up.