Monday, 9 July 2012

Two Days

Exhausted after two days continuous travelling, talking, and non-sleep. Back on air tomorrow. Quick thought for Nick Cohen, via The Plump
I am sorry to be brutal, but there is no way of phrasing it delicately: the young are our future and the old are our burden. 
Why apologise Nick? It's easily fixed:
1. The workhouse
2. Selective culling
Those two are the answers to most general questions. The most general questions are put by an Us with an Our at their disposal. At a rough guess they would be middle aged.  A lot of things are a burden to them.

We could offer Nick Cohen medals to those who take the pledge to expunge themselves on retirement. It could be called the Nick Cohen pledge.


Gwil W said...

utter nonsense.

Not you George, but the author of that quote.

The Plump said...

and a further comment: