Saturday, 2 February 2013

Erbil, a few photographs 1

Me with the Poetry class, most of them are behind the camera. The girl reading was the first to finish the poem and was keen to stand and read it. She did it very well. Not my photograph but Charla's.


These photographs below are my own. I'll add a few from the BC site and from the Reel Iraq site in the next blogpost. (Tomorrow I am in London at the South Bank to give my Bartók and Nationalism talk.)

From the 8th floor of the hotel

Inside the Tea House

Megan Walsh of The Times in The Citadel

Myself, Lucy Caldwell, Doug Wallace of the BC, Megan Walsh and Adam Foulds

View from The Citadel

In the town, The Citadel behind.

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Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

I always believed that in life,there are two different teachers; those who teach us what we've learned in the school and others who teach us life, to live as humans. They could be both in one person as they could always be two different people.
I use the term "life teachers" often and to me you're a life teacher. It could either mean a teacher for life or in my understanding a teacher who teaches how we should look at our lives, appreciate it and embrace'em ... Peacful minds and free souls. I thank you for how generous you're, how great life teacher you are.