Sunday, 3 February 2013

Erbil - photographs by others

Inside the hall at the university. mid discussion on stage

The privileged seats inside the hall - the writers (I'm at the far end)

Students in the great hall

Students sign in

On the bus with the Reel Iraq group

The Shandahar Park Gallery where the poetry readings took place

Adam Foulds, Nadia Faydh, Amal Ibrahim, Rachel Holmes, me

Most of these photos are by Charla but I'm not sure of the last two, or the one of the Shandahar Park Gallery - probably by a member of the Reel Iraq group, maybe Ryan.

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Gwil W said...

Welcome back George!

In 1999 I went to a British Council poetry event in Vienna. It featured readings by Liz Lochhead, Dannie Abse, David Greenslade and other Celtic poets. I thoroughly enjoyed it especially my meeting with David.

The BC left Vienna a few years ago. They said their work here was finished. On leaving they donated their fine collection of library books to the Vienna Central Library. And I'm still borrowing them!

I wonder what the future holds for them in Iraq or even Irak as it used to be.