Friday, 5 April 2013

Comment is Free

In view of Tibor Fischer's piece on Hungary in the Comment is Free section of Wednesday's issue of The Guardian I asked CiF if I might write something by way of a different view.

CiF have kindly agreed that I may do so. I have now been through three drafts. I have to submit by Monday morning.

CiF is a minefield but let us tiptoe through the tulips.


José María Souza Costa said...

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I'm there in my space Simpleton, waiting for you.
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Strength, Peace, Friendship and Happiness
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The Plump said...

I have just read Fischer's piece. It is obnoxious. Why on earth is CiF bent on showcasing formulaic dissembling and apologias for everything it is supposed to be against? Good luck with your much needed response.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your reply in CiF. It is necessary if only to present a less smug and more accurate point of view.
For some strange reason many Hungarians take offence very easily and want to blame everybody else but themselves for the problems they face. It is a most unfortunate trait. Is it possible that Mr Fischer, whose performance at last year's Hay Budapest festival was its only low point, may also fit this profile. Hoping to see you here in May!