Sunday, 10 May 2009


Briefly from Stansted. No time for music today. Waitingfor Basel flight. If I did have music it would be either Slade or Mahler. Meanwhile, two thoughts in passing:

a) The current outrage about MP's expenses is blown vastly out of proportion and Harman is right, it will only serve the interests of BNP thugs. Frankly I don't care about bath-plugs. Let those without sin in this respect or similar respect cast the first etcetera.

b) A mite ungenerous of me re: the Oxford hotel. Mites are quite big when examined through a microscope. And damn ugly.

So forward, into the air with my few remaining brain cells. Do not desert me now, fellas.


Márton said...

I cast the first stone, then. I, like most taxpayers, do not even have the opportunity to cheat at my expenses (I guess you as a frequent traveller can defraud your university sponsors pretty freely). Certainly I do not have the opportunity to set the rules for my expenses, my pensions or specific tax exemptions myself.

If you think 100,000s each in taxfree "expenses" and property profits paid by taxpayers is in the same league as petty bath-plug corruption, then you deserve your current Leader.

Dick said...

As above. A bath plug - who cares? A porn movie - be my guest. Six figure sums trousered by disingenuous hypocrites who claim in one breath that they were operating within the tolerances of the process and in another declare that the rules are unacceptable and must be changed - absolutely not. Not only do I smart at having a domestic budget already compromised by piratical bankers doled out to these chancers, I fume to the point of cardiac arrest at having my intelligence insulted into the bargain!

George S said...

100,000 of course everyone should care. That is a proper crime, like fraud.

For the minor items, and they seem mostly to be minor items, to bring down the lot for that, I don't.

It is not just 'my' leader that will be investigated of course. The litter-baskets of 'your' potential leader are not likely to be purer than pure.

Good luck with that.

George S said...

Oh, and Marton, Do you want to repeat the allegation that I have done anything, but anything at all, dishonest at my university? Please put it in writing and send it to me signed.

What a shit you are.

Dick said...

'Mostly minor items'? A slight shift of perspective this side of the evening news, I hope.

And I take it that the the 'my' leader'/'your' leader points arise from the assumption that only a Tory would weigh in against the Labour moral midgets whose porcine greed broke the story in the first place. I can't answer for my libelous fellow commenter, but if in need of political guidance, I'll read my Bakunin or Kropotkin, thanks very much!

Coirí Filíochta said...

There's no more binary good gals and bad guys in the traditional political classes.

Perhaps, since Deggsie sold his Bullring soul for a radio show, merc and leafy detached in Woolton,

since Arthur got his whack for the bungalow mortgage after being stood on the steps with Billy Bragg shouting for rights of the people he was paid to represent

The Working class

their spirit no longer present in the Common palace of westminster

houses, unexpressed, untapped, laughed at for being little people, not like US the them who upper class themselves with conspiritorial enhancement, uplift

of course WE deserve it, the pittance, look around, everybody else has,

the masses are unimportant in the business of government, its now a one Tone race between Dave and the champagne socialists, both were at Eton learning how to talk of the wall games, the inflections, manner, mode, more and core tic of it, the Leaders of a green and pleasant sward perfectly rollered

lawns, windows, a son comprehending class, the voters rolled every time, its them and us, till we both go bust and then, the merry-go-round in nod and know, a betrayed look from the friend at work who thought we fought for ? and country

a figurehead, it could be Their, them, buyt never us who know how things are done in the corridors where reality's a Person, elevated by the common mass who traffic votes for Their revolution

moving one and all to ask if We can ever get equality in their higher realms where something lurks,

a butterfly and bumble bee, high above the mob, fintan, the boyhood deeds of Fionn, knowledge, crane bags, ancient hags and a hawk of Achill

swirls above the sod.

George S said...

I don't like feeding frenzies and I don't like piranhas. I consider the press piranhas.

And once the water is quiet and there are just a few bloody chunks of bone left floating, who you gonna vote for?

And if you don't?

Don't anyone bother answering this.

There is a difference in my mind between big, knowing false expenses, and stuff that just gets put down - like, er, bath plugs and cat food and whatever, which don't cost much anyway and so are not likely to be given much thought. Venial sins at most. Most of us commit venial sins without thinking twice about it.

As for that piece of scum, Márton - the Hungarian - let him know I have never asked the university for any money, for any trip because I travel as a freelance writer and am paid by whoever invites me. And that is the case every time.

Now Márton, should you read this, go and vanish up your own fundament and don't bother writing here again. Go and scum up someone else.