Saturday, 1 January 2011

QED (go back to the middle east...)

A few weeks after my original post here about new Hungarian press censorship I find this comment awaiting moderation today. It is a lovely example of inadvertently demonstrating the truth of what you accuse the other man of lying about. Especially interesting in that the man clearly identifies himself with the actions of the current Hungarian government, and refers to my Jewish roots even though the post had nothing about Jews or Jewishness in it. (The post is almost entirely quotation from the press.)

And of course the commenter is - would you guess it? - Anonymous.

u r a fucking liar. but since u r a 'we-know-who' its understood...

dear szirtes gyuri! go back to the middle east..

Neither I nor any other member of my family, as far as I know, has ever been to the Middle East, but I get the message. It's just a little coy perhaps (what's with the 'we-know-who' and 'middle east'?) I thought I'd publish this as a one-off of its type to show the kind of people pleased by press censorship. I don't really want to muddy the blog with others - should any more come.


Gwil W said...

The idea thaat a universe, be it large or small, must have a conscious observer is known as 'the observer paradox'. This means, in simple terms, that there is only the silence of black space outside the brain. In other words, all is just perception. I find this a stunning thought at times like this. The turn of the year.

Kathleen Jones said...

I've always comforted myself that people like this are in a minority. But, having just travelled a large chunk of the world this year, I'm afraid I'm less sure than I was before. I worry that a world situation is developing where increasing numbers of people crowding in on each other is going to produce not greater assimilation and cooperation, but greater exclusivity and aggression. Most of the countries I've visited this year are noticeably more right wing than they were. For a socialist married to the son of a German Jewish refugee it's worrying.

George S said...

Yes, I do fear it is on the increase, Kathleen. Do you think it is the reaction to multiculturalism?

I have never thought partial assimilation a bad thing. I suspect the cult of authenticity and the fetish of identity politics are not only luxuries the poor can rarely afford, but that they close doors rather than open them. And closed doors are where trouble starts. Exclusivity and aggression, as you put it.

Rigó Jancsi said...

I thought Anonymus died centuries ago, and all that we know about him is that he's sitting in Városliget and looking like one of the gloomy nazgûl from Lord of the Rings.

And while I mention fantasy literature - So you're Voldemort? Nice to meet you! You-know-who, we-know-who, where's the difference?

But seriously, I'm not sure if this anomymous still will be happy when the media council has to decide about his main source of "information", namely kurucinfo.

George S said...

Oh, it was HIM? Then he should sign, Anonymus, Városliget!

I don't mind people commenting anonymously. But if people want to call me names and are too shy to own up to theirs, they should at least go to the bother of getting an appropriate moniker.

Thanks for pointing out the source of Anonymous's information.

Kurucinfo, in case there is anyone else reading, is a rabidly fascist website. In it, the writer of one leading anti-semitic article boasts of his mother being on good terms with the hanged leader of the Hungarian Arrow Cross, Szálasi.

These are the sort of people who would love to finish the job they started in 1944.

George S said...

ps Rigó Jancsi - Thank you for your blog. Keep it up. It's good to know it's there.