Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This too can be Hungary

Hungarian title: How to deal with fascists in parliament

A truly marvellous thing I've just been led to. How to respond to fascists in parliament. Representative István Újhelyi takes his turn as Speaker.

He says how disgusted he was by Jobbik's call the previous day for a list of Jews as security risks (you can see Jobbik representatives smirking) and tells the listening Jobbik group (the translation concentrates on the core of the speech and is pretty close word-for-word):

I have, as far as I know, no Jewish background but if Jobbik should happen to find any Jews in the family, I would be proud of it. I have, as far as I know, no Roma ancestors but if Jobbik should find one I would be proud of it. As far as I know I have neither Palestinian nor Turkish nor German ancestors. I don't know where my roots are, but I was born in Hungary so, in solidarity with anyone Jobbik cares to list, I pin this to my lapel.

Then he takes a yellow star from his pocket and puts it on.

He says 80-90% of members of parliament agree with him (though they made absolutely no noise when the Jobbik member made his speech the day before)

Then when a Jobbik member challenges him he dismisses the challenge.

This too can be Hungary.


Anonymous said...


Angela France said...

truly inspiring.

George S said...

Huzzah and inspiring indeed.

Harry said...

I'm glad to hear of this. Thanks for putting it out there, George.



Gwil W said...

There's hope for Hungary yet!

George S said...

Of course. There are always good people - few speak out as forcefully. I hope more will.