Monday, 14 October 2013

On the Road News:
The Wind of Time Bloweth a Gale

A long time since the last post, chiefly because I have been very much on the road again. On the 5th, Saturday, we were in Snape for the Flipside Brazil festival, on the 6th, Sunday, it was football at Carrow Road and Norwich's 1-3 loss to Chelsea, Monday was quiet but lots of preparation and catching up. On Tuesdya it was the train to Cheltenham for the Literary Festival to read with Fred D'Aguiar (lovely, close to 150 people in the audience), travelled back most of Wednesday. On Thursday into Norwich to talk over a course I am to teach in July, on Friday it was Liverpool and the TS Eliot Twentieth Anniversary Tour, reading with Maura Dooley, Sam Willetts and Andy McMillan (some 80 audience), staying overnight, home all the next day to fall asleep on returning on Saturday while Clarissa baby-sat at Helen and Rich's.

Sunday was quiet, finally doing some writing on the updated Don Juan project (13 stanzas of the Byronics), as well as catching up with correspondence, some urgent, and preparing for the events of this week.

Today was writing letters, invoices, introductions, responding to collections of poetry,

Sometimes I believe in the concept of time, sometimes Time wonders whether it should believe in me.

Tomorrow this, (the wonderful Meir of Norwich at Dragon Hall)

On Sunday, this. A night in Bath, the Knight of Bath, the Wife of Bath, the bath of baths.

If I can I will say a little about all the events and write one piece on Meir.

Life will be less fraught, possibly less exciting. I may be able to get back to a proper daily blog.

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