Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Canterbury and London

A fine night last night with a good bright audience including two Hungarians and the artist Jeremy Millar whose website appears as a link in the left hand column. Good questions of the more pertinent and difficult-to-answer sort. I like difficult questions that make one think and re-formulate. A really good one about 'voice' a topic I was discussing over lunch at the university just the day before. Still don't quite know what it means, apart from the obvious things such as a writer finding his or her 'voice', an obvious question but a far from simple one.

Then back to Patricia and Roderick's for supper with some friends. Roderick is a composer. Two really lively children, both musicians among other things.

This morning to London for recording then to the Hungarian Cultural Centre for the launch of the New and Collected and the bilingual English Words / Angol Szavak.

It'll be a late late frosty train ride back into the freezing fog.

Now to the station.

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