Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Dead of Night - The End

It is Christmas Eve after all, so a deserved ending. Though I did leave out one interesting episode to which I will return some time soon, since it involves a pair of characters who appear in a variety of other films including Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes.

Last night I took Walter de la Mare off the shelf and read his short story 'The Riddle' again, which seems the most perfect of all hauntings in that it is frightening yet wonderful. Imagine the ghost of a very dark piece of chocolate with a mysterious liqueur at the centre. What is it? Is it even there? Is it lethal? Fully unexplained. Here it is.

And here if you want to listen to it. It's very short and preceded by a blurb from Miette, the story teller. Best to read it yourself from the text.

It is the first word of the story that grabs you. That word is 'so'. But don't open either link till tomorrow.

Have a very good Christmas.

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May said...

"The Dead of Winter", by Dominic Cooper, is a book that I recommend (assonance with the title of the entry).