Monday, 15 December 2008

To Coventry with Bestiary

Some six or more years ago I wrote a monograph on the artist Ana Maria Pacheco. Tomorrow I go to The Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry to talk about her. There was a set of poems about Ana's In Illo Tempore series first, then we collaborated on a book, A Modern Bestiary, that came out as a very expensive artist's very limited edition and never did go anywhere else. I'm going to put up a few of them now and then, together with Ana's coloured etchings for them. so here is the first.


Weasels speak
Weasel words
Suck the eggs
Of honest birds.

Weasels’ mission
To explain
Entails excision
Of the brain.

Weasel truths
Are not quite lies,
But all the same
The patient dies


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