Wednesday, 31 December 2008

To 2009

With warm and delightful wishes to all who frequent these parts!

Let dancers dance
Let music sound
Let chin tip up
Let feet go round
Let all be fine
For 0-0-9!

And if it isn't,
Let parts of it, at least, be pleasant!


Michelle said...

Happy New Year, George.

Anonymous said...

The one in the centre looks a bit like me, George. If anything, he's a tad more agile than I am. :)

I echo Michelle's sentiments to one and all. I would just add that I hope all people will find it in their hearts to be more understanding and less intolerant. That would cure so many ills.

And thank you for this blog. I learn something new every day from it. If I live to 90, I should be almost wise by then. My special best wishes to you and to C, and I hope she gets well soon or you will be down to watching Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. :)

Billy C.

George S said...

All good wishes to you both. A bit of prancing and dancing is generally a good thing.

I actually like Lock, Stock etc. Ritchie made at least two fine films. This one and the one with Brad Pitt as an incomprehensible Irish gypsy.

The Brad Pitt Collection, when it comes out in about twenty years time, will be a lot more interesting than we might think.