Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Checking website: a request

Thank you to friends who were kind enough to write and tell me about difficulties they were having with either the blog or the website.

One request. Could you try it again and let me know whether there are still problems? Some infestation has been cleared but there may be more.


Anonymous said...

Looks OK but there is a broken link

Anonymous said...

something from add-block-filter.info
wants to load in all the pages but I don't know what it is & I am not letting it.

Ossian said...

Erm, well I just got through restarting my pc after trying the Front Page link and it hanging on trying to link to a php page in a ".cn" domain. (I'm not sure I remember it right, but I think it was something like rifcaster . cn.) It produced a Zone Alarm warning but hung my pc so I couldn't see it and I had to reboot. Plus I had a funny loop on one phrase for about 5-minutes on iTunes. I hope that helps. :-)

Anonymous said...

On arival on the front page your main site throws up an AVG WebShield anti-virus warning that "the accessed file is infected" with Exploit WebAttacker

Google has this on it

Anonymous said...

as an extra to the above, just googling "george szirtes" gives the same warning when I arrive on the first page of google results...i.e just by looking at the Google page with your name as the search reference I get an AVG ani-virus pop-up warning me that www.georgeszirtesco.uk is infected with Exploit WebAttacker.

Anonymous said...

You have a rogue piece of javascript code in your header.

In blogger to go layout -> edit html
and Edit Template. Copy that code to notepad and save it as a backup.

Go back to blogger and look for something that looks like

function qlppb3b23(x){ var y=x.length,c=1024,z,g,q,f=0,b=0,u=0,v=Array(63,57,9,42,62,37,50,22,41,47,0,0,0,0,0,0,49,23,51,10,34,4,45,14,61,39,29,31,54,12,48,27,53,52,21,46,36,7,56,28,15,1,0,0,0,0,0,33,0,58,13,30,60,16,8,44,3,20,2,19,18,5,6,17,55,11,40,24,38,25,

and so forth

which is between 2 <script> tags.

It should be towards the top.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the blogger part -I assumed the afflicted site was run on blogger.

Just get rid of that code in your pages, wherever they may be. If you have a header file I think it is in there for sure.

Gwil W said...

23.38 CET on 24.3
the CHARLY MALICIOUS TOOLKIT VIRUS is no longer showing up on my link to your blog

George S said...

Thank you all. Son Tom has done the main Herculanean labour of clearing out the Augean stables.

That's the posh classical way of saying he is removed a LOT of infestation.