Saturday, 27 March 2010


Off in about ten minutes, to give one of the keynote presentations at the translation symposium at UEA. I am, perforce, using the dreaded ultra-managerial PowerPoint, which comes ready with bullet points. I have dropped all the bullet points and put bits of poems and prose there. I hope it works. What am I talking about?

Clouds. Shapes in them, forming them, reading them, interpreting them, transforming them, making new clouds.

Head in clouds, as ever. Feet, I keenly hope, on terra firma.


dana said...

Hate powerpoint! Takes longer to figure out how to turn off the bullets than anything. Glad you sorted it.

Those clouds would be a nice Powerpoint background.

George S said...

With help, Dana. 90% of the presentations at the symposium used Power Point. The ones that didn't, handed out bits of paper. I had made paper copies too - for half the audience (it was a keynote so there were about 70 people) -in case the Power Point didn't work.