Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday Night is... A hail storm and a wonderful life

In the second break today - lunch break - it started raining ever more heavily, then the thunder broke in great groans and blusters, and soon the noise of the rain on the various skylights (three in the house) increased and, behold! it was hail, big hailstones in August, crushing the street, turning white, a soft petalled mosaic of ice oozing through the street, the whole flood rushing past us. Not quite like this, but close:

Now the sun is out, the weather being temperamentvoll, but the wind remains a touch frantic, a little over-insistent. And so this Sunday I wanted to turn to Fred and Ginger, but found Sinatra, then Billie, then Judy Garland, then this, not quite music pure, but rather literally off-beat, where all ends gloriously well.

And so to dive back into the the translators' own pool - the Big Spender.


Billy C said...

"I must ring my mom!"

Hah hah. I don't know what 'mom' is going to do, George. After all, the hailstorm had already destroyed all the plants!

Hope yours are ok.

Fancy a quick dip?


George S said...

Don't have much more than a small yard, Billy. I think everything is OK there. Maybe there is just an instinct to tell 'mom' when something astonishing has happened.

That dip, yes. Otherwise, not just now...

Gwil W said...

Champagne buckets for the first hailstones into the swimming pool and the first dancers on your roof.
We live in capricious times!