Friday, 15 October 2010

Malcolm Allison lets RIP

Malcolm Allison would have been the bastard child of Paul Newman and John Wayne, going by appearances.

Sir Alec Ferguson called Paul Ince, 'a Big Time Charlie'. Not compared to Allison, he wasn't.

Out of the mouths of Allisons:

"A lot of hard work went into this defeat"
"You're not a real manager unless you've been sacked."
"John Bond has blackened my name with his insinuations about the private lives of football managers. Both my wives are upset."
"A lot of people in football don't have much time for the press; they say they're amateurs."


Stephen F said...

Nice quoting & what a coat. It's even more sensational than the hat.

I'd like to see PULIS OUT in that get up.

George S said...

And there was the occasion he invited the porn star Fiona Richmond into the players' bath. Photo available on web somewhere.

Is that down Pulis's line?