Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday night is... Lacrymosa from Berlioz 'Grande Messe des Morts'

Reading in Chelmsford last night with Annie Freud and Luke Kennard, back late, C driving me as I fall asleep. This to wake me up.

Reflections on the course? Later, if I am still alive. I arrive home to a choir of work, all parts singing loudly and across each other. I need a very big choir to set the voices into order. Can't do better than this, the full Cecil B. de Mille daemonic, blowing away the dust and a few more useless brain cells. It is Hector Berlioz and God bless all the thousands that sail in his Grande Messe des Morts.

It's Late Romanic's version of thrash Heavy Metal. Up the volume there, give us more Dies Irae, and burst those useless eardrums!

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