Friday, 22 October 2010

The Stretford End

In one of the strangest twists of any football story, Rooney has re-signed for Manchester United.

Was it the forty masked men, like the thieves in the story of Ali Baba, that terrified him? Did Coleen tell him off? His mum? Was it all a ploy to get the Glazers to release more money?

Or did he realise he had been misguided by his agent, one Paul Stretford, and so decide to break his chains and leap back into the cage?

In any case he will have lost almost all the affection in which he had been held. If he was being led on by Stretford he should sack the agent and find a new one. Time, I think, for a better and proper Stretford End.


Poet in Residence said...

I just heard on the radio that he had signed a 5-year contract. I suppose that ups his value so if he signs for an Italian club (remember the wedding photo rights hooha?) or some other paparazi place in the sun in say 2 years, or whenever Alex goes, he'll do OK financially speaking. Perhaps the agent is sharper than we think, George?

George S said...

That sounds a pretty good hypothesis too, Gwilym. He might even go in the summer for a price closer to £50 million rather than £20 million. Maybe that's why Rooney called Ferguson a genius.

Poet in Residence said...

50m. It'd be a real stroke of genius.

Yesterday a Turkish Airlines TV advert (on BBC World, I think). Man Utd team behaving like a bunch of half wits kicking a football about on a jet and at the end of it all Rooney is the big star. The last image you see - his worldwide grin.

Richard Stillman said...

Here's a poem I wrote about this subject:

A Base Football Player

Wayne Rooney, tragedian,
His agent, a whey-faced loon of a Shakespeare,
Ferguson, a beggared sot,
we, the poor fools, hung by our scarves,
our wooly hats, the coxcombs.
Tribal loyalties are a playground curse cast upon us,
a gaggle of geese, following the ball,
without an eye to our position.

What he gave us, in that time
between the scoring and the restart,
that time out of time,
that time to rise up in joy or anguish,
is lost, lost in mockery,
whoring mockery.


Poet in Residence said...

George, Richard,
I've just been reading about a young man called Dario Tadic (20) who scored 2 goals for Austria Wien in the Austrian Bundesliga at the weekend. The words 'like Rooney' were mentioned but only in connection with his style of play on the field.
Perhaps Blackburn Rovers should send forth a scout? My God even Liverpool can beat us!

Poet in Residence said...

So now it's going the rounds that the great traditional founder member club Blackburn Rovers shall fall into the hands of an Indian chicken conglomarate.

Cock-a-doodle, Big Sam says "Do". Shall we ever raise our song again peckpeck (°> (°> (°>

Curry Up Rovers?