Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Poem: Wish List


Wish List

Winter. The festive season. Notional snow.
Winter and sledges and stars. Crystal domes.
Ice crystals. Mountains of ice. Cosy homes
With log fires. Ah winter, how will we know
You? How will our bones recognize the freezing
Fog that tightens round them? How can we grow old
In the climate prepared for us when the cold
Within wants out, when winter starts easing
The locks of the flesh? Bring us your fairy lights
And tinsel. Bring us the shower of cards you promised.
Bring out the wrapping paper. Show us your wish-list
To keep us warm in our dotage on bad nights.
Let the residual gods do something useful.
Let them sing carols to us. Let them be youthful.

Art, detail from 'Red' by Clarissa Upchurch, Poem by George Szirtes

With our very best wishes to all visitors and returning readers. Let Christmas Day roll on!

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Gwil W said...

Excellent seasonal poem George and a lovely tangerine picture to go with it. You'll stay warm ;).