Friday, 9 March 2012

And a video of sorts...

There is a video here of Schöpflin's speech, made by Schöpflin's people, therefore starring only Schöpflin with the same 'narrative of the left' woffle. I am squirming on the right, listening but listless. You won't hear me of course, nor Victor Sebestyén. Surprisingly you don't hear the minister either. Why should you? Why should you hear anyone else at all? Schöpflin runs over by some three minutes. He is extraordinarily patronising throughout, most particularly about Klubrádio. (They've lost a frequency, I am losing my hearing, I've lost some frequencies too') Hence the squirming. Note how he says that nobody is interested in the detail. My speech following was all detail.

Fortunately the entire discussion is available through the post below. This for visual impression.

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