Saturday, 4 May 2013

An extraordinary week, two prizes and a gift

I haven't known a week like this, exhausting yet rewarding beyond measure. In fact it is two weeks. Cambridge reading on Tuesday 23rd,  university the next day, London the next for PBS meeting, Warwick on Friday to give brief paper at the translation conference, Saturday a full day's writing workshop at the Writers Centre, Norwich. Sunday with guests and family.

This last Monday in Brighton for reading and discussion at Sussex University with Hungarian novelist Noémi Szécsi, staying overnight to go to London. Return home. Back down next day for drinks in memory of Valerie Eliot at The London Library. The next day at university and finishing review of Imre Kertész's Dossier K for The Times. Yesterday to Oxford for marvellous reading by Gerard Woodward, and later for news of the translation prize.

It does sound a crazy time, even to me. No time to reflect now as I am due to teach a whole day here. More later.


Gwil W said...

Congratulations George.

I haven't a hat trick like your since the days of Alan Shearer at Rovers.

The 7 hour movie they made of the book must be quite something. I cannot imagine sitting through it. But that's not to say I won't. One never knows.

I haven't written poems about death. Inspired, I have to say it yet again, I may valiantly try!

Hungary was over my TV news yesterday. Some kind of demo by skins with gothic writing on the backs of their skulls.

George S said...

The seven (and a half) hour film is quite beautiful and surprisingly gripping. We watched it over three days on DVD nd will do so again once there is a bit more time.

Youncan guess the what the skins were protesting about.