Thursday, 23 October 2008

Jeremy Millar

The artist and writer Jeremy Millar has a new and very impressive site I am delighted to point to in the sidebar. Millar's conceptual, video and installation work seems exemplary to me, which is to say it has substance, gravity, shape and largeness of scale without a trace of cynicism or megalomania. There is a sternly elegiac quality to it too that I like. The world passes through it, first on an intellectual level, but moves at greater, gut depth.

Hard talking about art without abstractions such as substance, gravity, etc that simply assert qualities. It is, perhaps, a little lazy. The test would probably be how much the work might generate in the imagination, as with the poem discussed by students in an earlier post. It might, at least, be a test. It is possible that some work might affect some of us by leaving us blasted and silent. This would be something like Steve Foster's notion of -what was the phrase he used in the comments boxes I don't now have the time to find? - killing the space around it?

Maybe. Though my preference is for the generating principle.

To London today. I, to record the Points of Entry radio programme, details of actual broadcast to follow; C, to deliver her work to the Plus One Gallery, for the Palladio exhibition.

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Gwil W said...

Millar's site seems very clinical.
The prominent spot-the-difference pictures are supported by an unremembered story.....ah, well.