Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Later and later

In fact rather too late for tonight. In and out of university. Flowers dispatched. About to sneeze.

Ah yes, capitalism. I doubt whether it's dead. I suspect it's just lying down for a while till we think of something better than this current crisis to beat it with. It's going to keep a low profile, skulk about on street corners and in boardrooms. I cannot see the masses rising. I don't feel anyone itching to address me as comrade. So, no. But let's wait and see how high unemployment rises.

Even so I think we are going to be electing on the basis of good conscience, good intentions, liberalism with a certain rectitude. I'll see how I feel about that in the morning. If the revolution happens overnight wake me a little earlier.


Gwil W said...

Salutations Comrade Szirtes!
When does it all kick-off? Maybe Saturday at Klagenfurt? Funeral of you-know-who.

Gwil W said...

There's the question of the missing 2 hours, 11.35pm - 1.15am.
The BZÖ - "it's private stuff!".
The press - "no, it's not!"

The details so far, as we like to say, are:
180/100 alc. level
50 kmh sign uprooted by 142kmh+ VW
1 provinicial governor dead

Cards are being suffled and stuffed up sleeves. Who has the Queen of Clubs?

We await developements. It may take a sleuth reporter.

George S said...

No conspiracy theories yet?

Gwil W said...

Hi George,
I'm just back from the Alps where I finished 959th in a field of 1,364 runners. Well, I am 60 and my Ron Hill string vest is 20.
Conspiracy theories? - take your pick from the usual suspects: Mossad, Jugoslavijan terror cell, Method? - knock-out drops, 'gps' sabotage gadget to .... aach!
Fact remains the guy was dlunk as a Lawd. A bottle of vodka downed in less than an hour. Swayed along to his car...10 mins later CRASH!!! Uprooted a 50Km sign and a hydrant at 150kmh + (180kmh is an educated guess from a 'snout' of mine).
The interesting Q. is what drove him to this drinking spree? Jilted-soul-mate? A guy with a dolphin in his pants?

Gwil W said...

Now posted on my 'Bard on the Run' link from my 'Poet in Residence' - 'playing the sympathy cards...' gets to the nuts of the matter.
Hope yer enjoying yer Polish sojourn. Don't eat too much sausage. Take plenty of water in the Wodka.

Gwil W said...

Now posted on the PiR Bard on the Run page the strange story of the copycat attempted murder ...