Saturday, 28 February 2009


I don't mind 'language' and I don't mind the occasional personal abuse people might direct at each other, or indeed at myself. But I won't have commenters dragging in people's private lives. So the comments on the last post have been deleted. I am partly to blame in this for not noticing the remark that was out of order.

Please bear that in mind should you want to comment, which you are very welcome to do. From now on I moderate all comments before posting. I have not been doing that so far, nor have wanted to do it.


Anonymous said...

Well, George, I don't think these are cruel thoughts! The poor Camerons could probably have done with more privacy; it's hard to imagine what this has been, and is, like for them. And as for what the Metro delightfully called the "Piggy Banker," well, I hope he loses all his friends and his mother refuses to speak to him. He deserves no respect.

I missed your fracas so can't comment, which is no doubt just as well...

George S said...

The politics gets a little furious at times but no one has been strung from the nearest yard arm yet. The fracas was between people I know via blogging and there was something more personal in one of the comments than I want to accommodate. So I don't.

They haven't started awarding VCs in the Blog Wars yet. But a DSO and a tidy army pension would be welcome.