Thursday, 26 February 2009

In which GS confesses to two cruel thoughts

Bearing in mind he is back from London fairly late after continuous 14 hours of work and no real lunch or tea, GS (he of the temporary third person) feels curmudgeonly enough to note that the coverage of the death of David Cameron's son is so copious it's almost Lady Di again. It is very sad, but the two- or three-page press blubbering has to stop.

As for Sir Fred Goodwin of the £650,000 p.a. pension, I think there is a case here for tarring & feathering, kneecapping or an altogether more merciful bullet between the eyes. The man, if that is what he is, is a disgusting object and almost any attempt to wipe him off the street would suit me.

Good night sweet prince. And so to bed.

ps. Website sorted.